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Research On The Construction Of Inner - Party Democracy From The Perspective Of Political Ecology

Posted on:2015-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C A ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330470464132Subject:Marxism in China
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Political ecology is an important perspective to observe the construction of inner-party democracy. Researching inner-party democracy construction from the perspective of political ecology, and regarding the construction of inner-party democracy as a political ecosystem similar to the ecosystem by introducing the theory and method of political ecology, which can help us to understand the relationship among elements of inner-party democracy political ecology and relationship between internal ecological and external ecological of inner-party democracy systems that are both independent and mutual restraint,to enhance the understanding of inner-party democracy construction law and to provide the theory and practice guidance for the system engineering of inner-party democracy construction.Firstly, this paper interprets the meaning of inner-party democracy and discusses the theory of political ecology.As a new perspective of studying the construction of inner-party democracy, there are interactive relationship between the internal and external ecological system of the inner-party democracy, and the inner-party democracy has the characteristics such as systematic, competitive, adaptability and so on.The operation of inner-party democracy political ecology mainly follow the principle of main body mutual restriction, the principle of promoting democracy, the principle of balanced and orderly and the principle of differences and harmony.Those general theories provide a methodology support for analysising the inner-party democracy construction.Secondly, this paper analyzes the present situation and characteristics of the Communist Party of China’s inner-party democracy political ecology from the elements of inner-party democracy political ecology. Based on the interactive relationship between the internal and external ecological system of inner-party democracy politics,this paper investigates challenges that the internal ecological system of Communist Party of China’s inner-party democracy is facing in the new period, and analyzes the urgency of promoting the inner-party democracy construction according to the changes of the inner-party democracy external ecological elements.Finally, according to the inner-party democracy political ecologies’ characteristics and the principle of operation and contrasting to the problem of inner-party democracy political ecology developing in China, the article puts forward the concrete measures to promoting the development of current inner-party democracy from the aspects of democratic subjects, democratic culture, democracy and the democratic process, in order to achieve the “Unity, Orderly and Lively”development goals.
Keywords/Search Tags:Political Ecology, Inner-party Democracy Construction, Path Thoughts
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