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Competitive Advantage And Organizational Optimization: The Development Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises And Industrial Structure Adjustment - And Smes In The Process Of Industrial Restructuring On Handan City,

Posted on:2002-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360032953188Subject:Political economy
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It is great strategy for China to develop small-medium enterprises (SMEs). Itsstrategic meaning is that SMEs play a distinctive role in the process of restructuringindustries and is embodied though which SMEs take the particular form of affecting thechange of industrial structure. Under the modem marketing economy SMEs overcometheir disadvantages and win competitive advantages by organizational innovation, soSMEsaffect industrial promotion and structural change long and deeply. Restructuring industriesin China is facing with great chanllege, for China is undergoing systematic transition anddeveloping transition. Reforming practice require urgently that theory pay close attention tothis problem.The paper makes an attempt to study the problem above initially. The paper iscomposed of four chapters. In Chapter one we expound the role SMEs play in restructuringindustries. In Chapter two we analyze the way SMEs restructure industries in short run andlong run respectively. In Chapter three we base on the field investigation and make theempirical analysis on SMEs' developing status quo and problem in the process ofrestructuring industries in Handan City. In Chapter four we draw several conclusions basedon chapters above, and put forward policy proposals to local government having the aid ofthe situation of Handan CityThe paper is on the basis of the field investigation and follows the tracks of newtheories on enterprise and industry We put theory into practice and try to make usefulresearch on the aspect in which small business networks affect the change of industrialstructure.
Keywords/Search Tags:small-medium enterprises (SMEs), restructure industries, networks, clusters
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