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The Economic Development Of Southern Shaanxi In Qing Dynasty And Lessons

Posted on:2002-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360032955663Subject:China's modern history
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This dissertation analysize the economic exploration process of Southern Shaanxi durˉing the Qing Dynasty.The conclusion is that the ecological enviroment's deterioration is the fundermental reason of the economic recession.This dissertation is divided into four parts: First,it tells about geographic characteristics and natural conditions of Southern Shaanxi.It comments on the massive migration to the area.It analysizes the special conˉditions of the population movement,the distribution of the immigants.By statistical analˉysis it concludes that immigration leads to the population growth of southern Shaanxi in late Qing Dynasty. Second,the immigrants cultivated a large amount of land.They growed corns and potatoes hydraulic construction was strengthened.Economic crops such as tea,cotton,toˉbacco and medical herbs were widely growed.Steel factories,sawmill,edible fungus facˉtories appeared.The economy of Southern Shaanxi experienced a properous period. Third,the problems in the economic cultivation of Southern Shaanxi are obvious blindness and excessiveness in the cultivation process,the extensive exploitation and manˉagement of natural resources.These problems leads to the decrease of forestry,the soil flow,more droughts and floods,lesser development potential stagnation. Fourth,from the perspective of ecological protection,social and economic efficiency the author points out some proposals for the exploration of Southern Shaanxi.
Keywords/Search Tags:Qing Dynasty, Southern Shaanxi, economic exploration
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