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Regulate The Development Of China's Venture Capital Company

Posted on:2003-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360062486082Subject:Forest management
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Man has entered the new century, and "the knowledge economy" has been comging. China had become a member of WTO, this mean that our country will truly take part in lie global competition from foreign companies. Now, the country's competition is truly high technology's competition, is high-tech industry's competition too.The country that has the advantage of other countries in high-tech industry will doubllless become more strong. There are a multitude of science technology inventions per year in our country, but they are usually not become into products, it was because the lack of effective support. Because venture capital(VC) can advance science technology studies' invention, it is known that the development of venture capital industry can tackle the problem of lacking funds in our high technology industry.The first venture capital corporation -- China venture capital corporation was set in 9,1985.Itis the beginning of VC exploring both theoretically and practically. As the rapid development of our country economy, VC is becoming pop. But, VC is not a singal invest model, in different countries VC has different organizing system and other characteristics. So we should choose (lie kind of model which suits our Chinese own characteristics. Only through making great efforts to explore VC both theoretically and practically, can we develop VC moderately and serially.In china, venture capital enterprise has just started,developed slowly and faced many.negative factors.Because the prolem of VC principal investors and policy environment is very serious, the study of our country venture capital is limited to these range. That is mean that the study of our country VC is limited to macro conditions but not micro conditions.That is say that the study on the oprating of venture capital organizations is scanty.This paper reviews the basic knowledge of venture capital in the first chapter. Summarizing and analyzing the experiences of the risk investment activities in developed countries and areas such as America and Taiwan, the paper proffers a beneficial reference to our country, at the meantime, this paper analyzes the essentiality and accessibility of VC development in our country at the second and third chapter. Then, the paper points out the problems of our country's VC development in the fourth chapter. At last, according to the previous analysis, this paper puts forward development stralgies of venture capital corporations in our country. The most important part is the last chapter. Through an analysis of micro oprating of venture capital organizations this article attempts to proffer some deneficial countermeasures to develop VC in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Venture capital, Venture capital corporation, New and high technology, High-tech enterprise, Withdrawing mechanism, Model
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