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Private High-tech Enterprise Development, Venture Capital Research

Posted on:2003-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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If a country tries to contend for the initiative in economic development and give prority to the international competition, the competitive power of science and technology has become the decisive factor. Now the focus of all countries is on how to make use of the venture capital in developing H-tech enterprise.The theoritical and practical studies of developing the venture capital by the private H-tech enterprise has its great significane since the venture capital can raise the competitive power of science and technology,heighter the effective rate of the distributio of tech resources and capital,and improve the development of the private H-tech enterprise and venture capisal.This article tends to have a detailed study and disscusion on the traits of mutual demands by the private H-tech enterprise and venture capital,its interacting mechanisms and the unarimity of the systematic management of the enterprise. It also points out its interaction and complementarity. The author's studing point is from the practical requirements of the development of venture caprital by the private H-tech enterprise. The point of argument focuses on the developing traits of the private H-tech enterprise and venture addition,through the auther's analysis of the development of venture capital home and abroad,the author sums up its generality and points out the existing difficulties in the process of the development of the venture capital among the private H-tech enterprise. Hence, the author conies to the conclusion: there is a sacious market for the private Htech enterprise and venture capital. Yet it requires todecrease the direct initervention of the government, to create a proper macroenvironment for development, to establish the groups of private H-tech enterprises and initroduce the new pattern of setting up the enterprise of venture capital.
Keywords/Search Tags:private H-tech enterprise, the competitive powos of sicence and technology, venture capital, venture enterprise
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