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.90 Change In Policy Of The Japanese Ruling And Opposition Parties

Posted on:2003-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360062985782Subject:International political science
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Since the cold war ended, Japan has been taking a series of measures to realize the target of leading powers in politics and military affairs. The trend of political situation turning to right picks up farther. Among those we should pay attention to the changes in policies of every parties in Japanin 1990s' -----the conservative trend of politics of parties in Japan hasaccelerated. That is to say, under the international situations of the end of the cold war and Japanese Government's developing strategic target of "leading powers in politics", the policies of every party in Japan, including conservative parties, reform parties and intermediate parties have changed greatly, for example, Japanese government, which is led by the Liberal Democratic Party, has been taking actively part in activity to protect peace of the UN, strengthen its power in defense, amend the constitution and try to play a military role in the world. The Socialist Party, which has been behalf of the reform power, has changed its long-term basic politics by a wide margin because of the changes in home and overseas and the reason of itself. Thereby, conformed with the conservative party; As the radicalest party, Japanese communist Party also emphesised that it should not push Japan to the socialism. On the contrary, they should carry out democrotical reform under the frame of the capitalism; As the unique flag of the former "intermediate parties", the Goguing Party also has changed its policies since 1990s', especially formed the united alignment of "the L.D.P, the G.M.P, the D.S.P" with the Liberal Democrotical Party and Democrotical Socialist Party by means of cooperation beyond the cabinet and play a important role on the adoption of important acts like the act of dispatching military power overseas and etc.The thesis tries to probe the changes of all the parties' policies and the rea sons for those since 1990s'.The thesis consists of three parts: In part one, the author expounded the policies of Right deviation and background that Japanese government under the Leading of the Liberal Democratical Party has adopted further.In Part two, the author expounded the policy changes of the Socialist Party and its reasons .In Part three, the author expounded the policy changes of the Kwmeito Party and its reasons.
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