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International Venture Capital Theory And Venture Capital Research

Posted on:2003-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The purpose of my thesis is to provide a rational interpretation on the principle of venture capital and its application in china. The reason why this subject is chosen is based on the thought of the following two points:(l)Venture capital, in China, is a pure "imported goods". Before it becomes quite clear as to what and why it is, we shouldn't be in such haste as to design the implementation of plan and policy for venture capital in our country; otherwise, we will unavoidably be trapped in some false understanding. While, the careful study on the principle of venture capital, will surely pave the way for its smooth application in China; (2) Venture capital is closely connected with the new economy as well as the new characteristics of the economic globalization. China is now still in the course of industrialization and the general adoption of the market principle; the restrictive factors in development and shifting stage makes the repellency fond during the course of admission of innovative mechanism of venture capital outdo the compatibility. So we should clearly know the state of venture capital in China, and find out restrictive factors, so as to find the effective means of the application of venture capital in China.If the preface is left alone, it can be said that my dissertation is divided into six parts. The procedure is as follows: the study of venture capital on the level of phenomenon-the deep study of venture capital on the level of theory-the view of venture capital in different country-the state of venture capital in China-the analysis of the application in China about venture capital. In the end, a case about venture capital in China is put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Economic, Venture Capital, Innovation of System, Limited-partnership
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