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Joint-stock Commercial Banks In The Accession To The Wto Challenges And Countermeasures

Posted on:2004-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J GongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122461514Subject:Political economy
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The subject of the dissertation is an in-depth discussion and recommendations of pivotal issues resulting from the challenges, business opportunities, and possible strategies of Chinese joint-stock commercial banks ( JSCBs ) under the background of China's joining of the World Trade Organization ( WTO ). The dissertation uses the following three methods:The first method is combining historical method with logical method. From a historical point of view, the dissertation firstly introduces the history and current situation of Chinese JSCBs. After that, it analyses the JSCBs' outstanding contributions to the national economy and financial innovation since they were established more than a decade ago. However, when discussing the JSCBs' measures of reform and development, this paper adopts the logical method, namely arranging the sequence according to the relative status and importance of these problems and solutions in the JSCBs' reform and development.The second method is combining the canonical analysis with demonstrative analysis. The dissertation mainly discusses the JSCBs' business tactics and developmental strategies from the theoretical point of view. However, at the same time it draws attention to the establishment of the theoretical discussion based on the demonstrative analysis. After analyzing economic theories and putting forward a theoretical research, itwas found that the research was supported by a lot of data and many cases. The third method is combining the theories with practices. The focus of the paper is to apply these theories to the case of China in the discussion. Besides discussing economic theories and occidental practice, more attention is paid to adopting the JSCBs' operational practices, which are characteristic of China under the special circumstance there. The dissertation which titled "The Challenges and Possible Strategies of the Joint-stock Commercial Banks under China's joining of the World Trade Organization" is divided into four chapters: Chapter 1. The analysis of JSCBs' current situation. Chapter 2. The far-reaching effects to Chinese banking industry while joining the WTO . Chapter 3. Joining the WTO bring forth stern challenge to the JSCBs. Chapter 4. The JSCBs' business tactics and developmental strategies. The following is the summary of each chapter:Chapter One firstly introduces the current situation of the JSCBs' business development, then analyses the JSCBs' important contributions to national economic development and reform in financial sector. After that, the paper analyses the JSCBs' limitations, problems and difficulties in business development in the purpose to find a way for innovation and further development. Chapter Two introduces firstly the background of Chinese banking industry's opening to the outside world, and then Chinese government's promises concerning the opening policy in banking sector. Consequently, the dissertation discusses the changes in competitive situation of Chinese banking industry which resulting from China's joining of the WTO, and then its far-reaching effects. Chapter three mainly discusses the unfavorable factors that will influences JSCBs' business development while joining the WTO. These unfavorable factors are divided into three parts: Firstly, foreign banks' entering into China will inevitably intensify competitiveness in Chinese domestic banking industry. Secondly, deepening reform of the State -owned commercial banks will bring forth strong challenges to JSCBs' business development. Thirdly, the fast development of domestic capital market and insurance market will reduce the JSCBs' deposits and savings. Though there are some unfavorable factors, the paper especially stresses that joining the WTO will surely improve the operational environment for JSCBs' further development, and it will also provide new opportunities to the JSCBs.Chapter four is the highlight of the dissertation. It discusses in detail the JSCBs' operational tactics and developmental strategies under t...
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