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Value Accounting Of Agricultural Land Resources And Sustainable Use

Posted on:2005-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This text on the basis of the thing that the farming land grades and defines the level to appraise work, to a application study that achievement carries on its. Through using many kinds of research approaches synthetically , and regard ZhengDing County of Hebei as the case, more totally produce the price law and marginal application question in the resource value of farming land is checked and calculated of law of cost of chance; Structure the resource value of farming land and calculate the system; Have checked and calculated and counted the stock of material object of farming land resource , flow and magnitude of value; Have calculated the increase and decrease state of farming land resources; Explore farming land is it is it appraise achievement value calculate the feasibility that uses in resource to define the level to grade. Have tried putting forward the economic management mode of resource sustainable utilization of farming land.1. this text more totally produces the price law and marginal application in the resource value of farming land is checked and calculated of law of cost of chance.Produce price law and marginal chance law of cost farming land resource theoretical foundation that value calculate totally. Produce price law produce course capitalized to throw into in farming land totally, considering the influence in social economic factors , such as position, economy ,etc., have revised the price of fanning land in terms of position, supply demand ,etc. Produce result that price law calculate can embody the intact value essence of farming land totally, farming land produce a kind of concrete form in which the income capitalizes under existing policy system just. And marginal chance law of cost calculate from marginal production cost, marginal user cost and marginal outside cost 3, can embody the value under the complete market condition of farming land in an all-round way.2. Finish the agricultural geology amount based on legal grade of factor and appraise . Adopt Fig. spot law divide farming land appraise unit, through getting Delphipoiii lawconfirm agricultural geology amount influence factor system. Use GIS software every influence degree of influence factor according to different method, Through space analyse is it quantize to go on separately, work out influence factor picture of dividing etc.. Adopt the way of superposing, compose the factor dividing value in appraising the unit. Weighting is it calculate out unit define the level index , in accordance with define the level index level divide land quality rank to sue for peace.3. On the basis of quality evaluation , divide into through administrative area under one's jurisdiction quality rank is it count farming land resource material object stock , flowand magnitude of value to calculate.Because of political historical reason, farming land it is unable to utilize marketing price materials directly for magnitude of value to calculate, is it plant through crop net profit as basic materials , calculate according to the marginal law of cost of chance indirectly to need. Fanning land marginal production cost (MPC) calculate based on development expense of cultivated land; The marginal user cost (MUC), according to Hotelling's rule, utilize crop plant annual net profit sample calculate corresponding appraisal Entrance unit farming land MUC of period (Because crop plant income is it reflect he position difference to fail , utilize farming land to hire out the position difference of contracting income, confirm with the strongest influence factor of dependence of the price of farming land according to Pearson's formula, and carry on the influence factor to revise to sample MUC that is calculated; Is it is it analyse , set up sample MUC and county intra-area all farming land assess mathematics model of Entrance to come back to utilize, unit MUC happenning and each assessing the unit of inserting value), And then is multiplied by in the land area and calculated out and assessed unit MUC; Marginal outside cost namely peasant social security...
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