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Northeast Regional Electricity Market Program Design And Management Studies

Posted on:2004-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q W LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122997388Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the development of electric power industry, property right of power plant becomes diversified and principal interests body arising from it diversified; The electric imbalance between supply and demand tends towards the relaxation, the situation of the electricity supply exceeds demand has appeared in some areas; Power industry is facing Challenges after the accession to the WTO; Currently, the economy of our country is in the important periods of structural adjustment, economic transition and market-based reform, as the lifelines of the national economy, the power industry is facing the gradual deepening of the system reform too; One of the main purposes of the new-round electric system reform is to foster the regional electric market. By the end of the tenth five-year plan, main electric power generation enterprises in all regions should participate in unified price-bidding. This shows that electric market is a right choice of historical development, and also the trend of the times.At present, many scholars have engaged in how to set up regional electric market and have made many research achievements; However, of these research some lay emphasis on theoretical research, others on a certain part of regional electric market system, such as structure of electric market, price-bidding mode, and mechanism of electricity price, whereas feasible design plans of how to concretely operate in regional electric market have not been provided. Therefore, through complete investigations to the electric market in the northeast and combination with the corresponding supporting theory, designing feasible scheme of the regional electric market system has great realistic meanings to the smooth construction of regional electric market and the development of electric market theory.In this paper, the research on current developing situation of domestic and international electric market has been carried on, the conditions of construction of regional electric market overseas and technological foundation cultivating regional electric market domestically have been analyzed; Also, we have researched on the advantageous conditions of setting up regional electric market in the northeast, combining the objective reality of electric power development in the northeast. On this basis, designing the scheme of the electric market system in the northeast has been carried on, and the concrete measures and difficult points of setting up regional electric market in the northeast have been studied. Finally, the following conclusions have been reached:Setting up regional electric market in the northeast is not only necessary, but feasible; Most electric transactions in the northeast regional electric market should be organized by unified buying; The electric transaction system of northeast regional electric market should include: contract electric consumption market, previous-day and real-time electric consumption market, bilateral transaction market, electricity generation right market and auxiliary services market. In the northeast regionalelectric market, the price of electric energy with power is comprised of "capacity price of electricity " and electric consumption price of electricity; In order to prevent the malignant market competition in price-bidding, price ceiling is adopted; The power plants pay expenses of electricity transmission using stamps according to the actual generation amount; In transactions under the unified buying mode and bilateral buying mode, the same electricity transmission expenses are paid, and the transaction settling center is set up in the northeastern electric network company; Setting up regional electric market in the northeast bears certain security risks, therefore corresponding market intervention systems should be established when the regional electric market being constructed; Also, the construction of new dispatching management system and the making of rational price of electricity transmission should be considered.
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