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Power Producers Bidding Behavior Analysis And Discussion Of Price Caps

Posted on:2006-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W KangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152490763Subject:Power system and its automation
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The real electricity market is not often a complete competitive market, but approach oligopoly monopolized market, some larger generators may have stronger market power, that is to say, under certain market condition, generator probably utilizes market power by physics or economic withholding, result in the electricity price to be higher than the normal competitive price, even the electricity price spikes occurred. For electricity price to run steadily and safely, and to protect the healthy development of market, it is very important to analyze and control the generator bidding.Firstly, this paper defines bidding difference degree, and applies it to analyze the generator bidding of Zhejiang electricity market. The analysis result show that bidding difference degree can find effectively the point of bidding behavior of generator changed seriously. It not only reflects the change of bidding strategy of generator, but also can analyze whether bidding strategy among different generator is same or similar. It is valuable to classify and study the bidding behavior of generator and to keep away collusive bidding of generator.Secondly, OCI (Out-of-merit Capacity Index) and ROC (Relative Out-of-merit Capacity) are defined in this paper. Bidding behavior of generator is analyzed by applying OCI and ROC from the angle of trade result. The analysis result show that utilizing the curve of system surplus capacity percent and average generation price and OCI can judge effectively unusual bidding behavior of generator, and that ROC can analyze the reason forthe generation price, it has practical reference value for the supervision department of the market, especially when generation price is very higher, the value is larger.In addition, the rational electricity price cap is an important insurance for the development of electricity market. In this paper, based on Zhejiang electricity market, from the view of the return rate of capital, a method to set electricity price cap is put award.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electricity market, Bidding analysis, System surplus capacity percent, Generation price, Bidding difference degree, Out-of-merit Capacity Index (OCI), Relative Out-of-merit Capacity (ROC), Return rate of capital, Electricity price cap, Market supervision
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