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Industry Cluster Regional Technical Innovation Network

Posted on:2004-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q F LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125457104Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The high-speed development of Industrial Cluster has been the major model for the regional development in the era of globalization and knowledge economy, yet studies on Technologic Innovation Networks of Industrial Cluster Region are few and far between. This thesis attempts to examine Technologic Innovation Networks on the level of the Industrial Cluster to bring the technologic innovation superiority of industrial cluster into full play.The thesis starts by illustrating the reason for studying Technologic Innovation Networks of Industrial Cluster Region while providing a brief literature review at home and abroad. The research covers the following four parts: theoretical framework, network structure, network implementation and case analysis.The theoretical framework part discovers the inner relationship between Industrial Cluster and Technologic Innovation through analyzing the innovation cause of industrial cluster formation, the state of being cluster, and technologic innovation nature of the enterprise on a cluster economy basis, from which important nature and characteristics of Technologic Innovation Networks of Industrial Cluster Region are drawn.Then this study identifies three types of branch networks that are classified as core networks, supplementary networks and peripheral supporting networks in terms of various connections between the elements and those of different levels. Core networks mainly consist of enterprises that are the main body of technologic innovation, while supplementary ones are composed of various organizations which serve as supplying sources and basic facilities, and peripheral supporting networks consist of the government and the external sources. These branch networks are seen as connecting with each other in both formal and informal ways to realize the state of being networked of the technologic innovation. A model is made for the further illustration.As to the networks implementation, the study reveals the major environmental effecting elements as well as the function system of thenetworks implementation, and it states the implementation ways of networks through building the dynamic circulating increase model. Lastly the thesis points out that the nature of networks implementation lies in the flow of knowledge.Case analysis part simply analyzes the Innovation Network structure of an Industrial Cluster.The study is carried out by research methods such as network analysis, model analysis, and sample analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial Cluster Region, Innovation, Technologic Innovation Networks, Networks Structure, Networks operating
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