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China's Urban Health Insurance Study

Posted on:2006-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360152488222Subject:Public Finance
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Medical care system is related to everyone. At the time of system transformation, medical care system has direct effect on the state-owned enterprise's reform and social market system 's perfection. So medical care has attracted more and more attention and to establish and perfect medical care system in our country has become one part of building social market system.The traditional medical care system in state-owned enterprises and government departments benefit the health of people greatly in the above-mentioned units and promote the economy development in the time of planned- economy system . However, with the market system transformation, the health care system has showed its weak points: one hand the great of increase of the medical expenditure brought heavy weight on public finance and enterprises, medical resources were wasted seriously; on the other hand, the bad-run state-owned enterprises lacked medical fees, and quite a few employees and labors in private units were not covered by the care system. In 1998, < Resolution on Establishing the System of Basic Medical Insurance for Workers in Urban Areas > is issued , which signs that the new basic health insurance system has been set up . The new system is chiefly characterized by low level ,wide coverage , multi-level insurance. However, the new system is still at the stage of study, and face many problems to be solved.In the first part of this paper , I analyze the basic theory of health care system, and the concept ,character, function and chief modes are introduced here, the government intervention theory in health care system and the coverage of the social health insurance are discussed too.Health care system is a hard task for countries all over the world . Confronted with various problems, they try to find a new and perfect system. The second part of this paper introduce the health care system in some developed countries , aiming to get something helpful for our health care system building from their experiences .The health care system in our country experienced a step-by-step perfection time.I introduce the process of the reform in the third part, analyze the problems of the old system, the success of the new system, as well as the problems existed in it .and put forward some counter-measures in the forth part.
Keywords/Search Tags:medical care system, medical insurance system, urban worker's-basic medical insurance system, multi-level health care system
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