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Project Management

Posted on:2006-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152988162Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Although there are many project management methods in china now, there is not a few methods in construction project management, because construction project is characteristic of complexity .We have known about some foreign advanced construction project management during my postgraduate studying, which Earned Value Management (EVM) is one of them. It is an important point that my paper wants to set forth earned value concept, performance principle and its management method, just the most important, how earned value (EV) is applied to project.My thesis is composed of four parts, In Part one, firstly, article tells us the genesis and evolution of earned value; secondly, the importance of EV is put forward in our construction situation; at last one of the most fundamental condition that EV is used in project is work breakdown structure (WBS).Part two and three is the soul of my paper that spends my great lot energy and uses much time to read foreign and civil EV material and investigate civil construction companies. In china, project management methods are hardly connected with financing, which is also a limitation of our project management. Through analysis of construction financing reports, there is some relation between EV and financial cost accounting. In another word, we can directly see EV situation and cost accounting states from reports. Part two discusses the fundamental principle of EV in detail and brings forward "cost breakdown structure" (CBS) concept, witch is the joint that financial accounting is connected with EV. Based on financial report analyzing, Part three addresses the ways of data or information disposal, such as cost, schedule, in Cost Report. Schedule information disposal is Keystone of this part and eight ways are indicated, including practical application circumstance.During building, Cost Report can provide timely exact cost /schedule information for project manager and help to cost control management so that managers correct building problem, for example working methods, schedule andetc. Developed EV can estimate project investment cost and make managers master exact investment state in initial stage of the project .The last part tells that how investment cost is estimated in order to do project better.
Keywords/Search Tags:Earned value, Planned Value, Actual Cost, Work Breakdown Structure(WBS), Cost Breakdown Structure(CBS)
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