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Transition Period Of China's Commercial Banks Credit Policy Risk Research

Posted on:2006-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the seventies of the 20th century, the outburst of the frequent bank crisis brought great danger to one country's economy and even international economy. Review the state-owned commercial bank of our country in transition economy , has been already gathering the extremely high risk too. Studying reason that risk gather can be found that our country risk of commercial bank gather with western commercial bank risk gathering basic difference conscientiously. There are more risks of the western commercial bank to come from the market factor, of our country risk of commercial bank a more one to come from the declaration of macro economic policy of our government, we can call that the policy risk . The policy factor is not merely the main reason that the commercial bank has already gathered riskily, but also the main source of the risk of the present commercial bank credit.1. policy risk of our country of commercial bank loanOur country is in economic transition period, the socialist market economy system is being set up tentatively; the economic mechanism causes uncertain factors among economy to be a lot of imperfectly, which bring the policy risk to commercial bank credit. It is a risk brought to commercial bank that the government implements the macro adjustment and control policy at first; Secondly it is a risk brought to commercial bank in government's administrative interference of the commercial bank credit; It is government's risk brought to commercial bank in change of relevant policies in advancing the market-based process of interest rate again; In addition, our country's backward investment and financing, financial system have caused the policy risk of the commercial bank; It is other policies like the risk that the exchange rate bring to commercial bank finally.2.the reason of policy risk of our country of commercial bank loanThese policy risks appear in the commercial bank, its basic reason lies in the system of our country goes through transition , namely the systematic reason is a basic reason of the policy risk of the commercial bank credit. Particularly, the first is the cycle of the economic fluctuation of our country cycle of policy formed by thefact that the government implements the policy in fact; The second is a policy risk brought in government's unripe macro adjustments and controls, include macro adjustments and controls strength spend heavy, macro adjustments and controls it is more for administration means to use, the policy of macro adjustments and controls falls etc.; The third is that it does not cause the government completely to the administrative interference of commercial bank that government's function is changed; The fourth lag behind of our country financial operating mechanism reform, interest rate,, exchange rate marketization , interest rate , exchange rate level control government the policy risk led to the fact still. Five financing structure unreasonable, is it take than too high , it is low to lead to the fact the risk to gather in the commercial bank than to pass for direct financing to account for to finance indirectly; The sixth is because property right structure of commercial bank , inside administration structure are unreasonable cause the risk management level of commercial bank to be low, make the commercial bank gather too many risk.3.The stick precautions and dissolving of commercial banks of policy risk The progressive reform means the policy risk of the commercial bank credit of our country will also exist within one period, therefore, the commercial bank must take some measures to take precautions against and dissolve the policy risk by oneself. Control credit growth rate and scale through strengthening the study on macro economy situation and macro economic policy mainly, and is improving the management level of the inside risk to prevent and dissolve constantly. But the essential measure that the commercial bank takes precautions against and dissolves the policy risk also lies in the government deepens reform further, accelerate making the relations between ownership and management of enterprises of commercial bank in order , changing government's function , investment and financing and marketization of financial operating mechanism etc..
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