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The Legitimacy Of Green Trade Barriers Are Discussed

Posted on:2006-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the entry to the World Trade Organization,the trade volume of our country has been becoming larger and larger,but at the same time we encountered more and more trade disputes,espacially in the environment field. As one of the largest developing countries in the world,China is one of the victims of GBT.How to deal with these issues becomes an very important question in the process of building our all-round well-fare society.The paper summarizes the characteristics and the reasons of causing the green barrier to trade(GBT),and analyzes the formality of the law ,at last concludes the policy advices of tackling GBT in order to promote our trade,opening and economic development.The whole thesis falls into five chapters as follows.Chapter one analyzes the definition of GBT and gives the characteristics of GBT. Legal characteristics of GBT are mainly summed up as rationality in surface,legality in form,widespread in content and vagueness in practice.Chapter two brings forward the reasons of causing GBT,mainly lying in the limitation of environment content,changing in the social life style,economic development level,green consumption,different environment standard in different countries,serious international trade conpetetion,and so on.Chapter three gives the nature of GBT,and thinks it as non-tariff technical barrier especially lies in the international trading process between developed countries and developing countries.On one hand,GBT is a trade barrier,on the other hand,it has important significance in the protection of environment and natural ecology.Chapter four bings forward the limitation of implementation GBT.That is rational causation,definite objective,suitable trade methods,nondiscrimination and transparent in policy etc.Chapter five gives the policy advices and legal countermeasures according to our country's reality of entry the WTO in 2001 in order to breakthrough these GBT.First actively participate in the multilateral negotiateing in the WTO,secondly improve the environmentsense of the people, thirdly enhance the environmental technical ability of our enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Green barrier to trade(GBT), Technical barrier to trade(TBT), Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures(SPS), Risk analyze, Sustainable development, Environment quarantine, Accreditation, Technical law
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