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Strategic Choice In The Process Of Regional Integration In East Asia

Posted on:2007-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the integration of East Asia became the most import event in thisregion and is advocated by the ASEAN and China, Japan and Korea. However, is it agood choice for china to attend the East Asian integration dominated by ASEAN tobuild the East Asian Community? It will be discussed in the article. China' attending the East Asian integration dominated by ASEAN is a choice of itsforeign strategy. According to the strategy decision-making theory, there are four partsof the decision-making process: making strategic target, making strategic assessment,making alternatives and making choice. And the strategic assessment of the foreignstrategy includes the assessments of the international environment, the nationalinterests and the national power. According to the strategic assessment of China's environment in East Asia, itsnational interests in East Asia and its comparative national power as well as China'sstrategic target of building the East Asian Community, attending the East Asianintegration dominated by ASEAN is the best choice for China. And actually it's alsoChina's choice since 1997. So the strategy decision-making theory is practicable fornations. There are also some obstacles in the East Asian integration process, butultimately, the community building of East Asia will be achieved in the future.
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