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Look At The Association Of South-east Asian Nations (asean) From East Asia Cooperation Framework Evolution In The Current Strategic Position Of China's Peripheral Diplomacy

Posted on:2013-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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ASEAN was founded in1967. Over40years evolution, it has become the mostsuccessful regional organization along with European Union. ASEAN isfundamentally consisted by developing countries, featured by distinctive diversity onthe facets of political system, resources and endowment, religion and culture anddevelopment stage etc. While its continuous efforts toward community building andregional integration, which not only lift its role and influence regionally, but alsomake it serve the driving force in East Asia cooperation. The success of ASEAN liesin its constant endeavor for development in institutional as well as strategical way;privileged conditions propelled by rising landscape of the East Asia, and even more,its proactive and rewarding external relations with major regional power.There are three major aspects underpinning the external relation of ASEAN. Firstly,ASEAN Community Building and integration efforts; secondly, adherence forASEAN way or norms, simply put, including consensus, non-interference, gradualismand respect for diversity. These principles have long been serving as guidance forrelations among member states, and gradually accepted by dialogue partners throughits engagement with ASEAN; third, the setting up10+1,10+3, ASEAN RegionalForum, ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting+and East Asia Forum, such regionalmechanisms constitute a platform of East Asia Cooperation with multi-layer, all-roundand multi-sectors feature. Interaction among stakeholders involved push the East AsiaCooperation evolve, which eventually forge the regional architecture evolving. Afore–said elements and their interaction is the major objective for ensuing study.ASEAN is the important orientation on neighboring relations for China, and alsoserve as foundation for its participation into East Asia cooperation. The main purposeof this dissertation is to analyze the structural element of ASEAN external relations,particularly, its major features, affected ingredients and evolution tendency, on whichbasis deliverables are expected to be brought for meaningful reference to above end.
Keywords/Search Tags:External Relations, East Asia Cooperation, ASEAN Way
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