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U.s. Foreign Trade, Intellectual Property Protection

Posted on:2006-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The United States highly emphasize creative originality and protection of intellectual property rights, hence formulate an effective protective system of intellectual property rights in foreign trade, which is very valuable to China in her strengthening intellectual property rights and implementing intellectual property strategies.This thesis tends to draw the outline of U.S. intellectual property rights system in foreign trade. The whole thesis is composed of five chapters: the first chapter briefly introduces the history of U.S. intellectual property rights system, with an emphasis on its implementing system. Chapter II, III and IV elaborates the U.S. law and practices of intellectual property rights from internal law and international agreements respectively. The second chapter mainly introduces the famous "Section 301", which successfully protect the U.S. intellectual property rights in export trade. Chapter Three, on the other hand, deals with "Section 337", which is extremely important in U.S. import trade. The fourth chapter states in detail two international agreements most related to U.S. intellectual property rights protection: "North American Free Trade Agreement" (NAFTA) and "Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights" (TRIPS). Finally, Chapter Five, which is entitled "Strategies to Respond to U.S. Intellectual Property Rights Protective System", puts forward how we can draw on the experience of U.S. to improve Chinese intellectual property rights protective system from the angles of the legislation and enforcement of foreign trade law.
Keywords/Search Tags:the United States foreign trade, U.S. Foreign Trade Law, intellectual property rights protection
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