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A Study On The Change Of Chinese Government's Function Of Foreign Trade After China's Accession To The WTO

Posted on:2004-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092491428Subject:Industrial Economics
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While joining WTO, the Chinese government did the extensive and deep commitment..These commitments are divided mostly into three types. The first is a commitment to market opening, such as, the opening of the goods in trade; the opening of the services in trade .The second is a commitment to the aspect of export while joining WTO. Such as, canceling exports subsidy, performing domestic product special guarantee item in 12 years etc. The third is the commitment involving directly the system in order to guaranteeing the performing of ex- two commitment. Because of the transiting a planned economy to the market economy, current system has various different to WTO. Therefore, this type of commitment involves widely, including national treatment, transparency, uniform administration of the trade regime, judicial review, right to trade, import and export licensing, state pricing...etc. We can see that these commitment involve directly the change and adjust of the function of foreign trade in our country .How to change and adjust is an urgent problem .This text will be outspreaded in three part, one is Creating a market environment according with the WTO' s rules; tow is Creating a law environment according with the market economy; three is Creating a policy environment according with WTO' s rules, then putting forward the some policy suggestion.In addition to preface with postscript, this text includes primarily four big part, namely summarize of foreign trade function of government; analyses of commitment on China's Accession to the WTO; analyses of foreign trade function of the status quo of Chinese government; measure on the change of Chinese government' s function for foreign trade after China's accession to the WTO.The first part: Summary of government's function of foreign trade includes Government's Micro- function of foreign trade and Government's Macro- function of foreign trade. This part expatiates the function of the government in the aspects of internationally negotiating, trading promoting, industry safety guaranteeing and intelligent property right protection etc. The core of macro- function foreign trade of government is studying out the trade liberalism strategy that can promote the development of national economic. The trade strategy belongs to the categories of the develop strategy or industrialization strategy.The second part: Analyses of commitment on China's Accession to the WTO. This part abstracted the Analyses of China's accession to the WTO from trade in goods, services, and intellectual property protection. Moreover, we also analyses the trade policy review mechanism, the transitional review mechanism, government procurement, special trade arrangement.The third part: Analyses of the status quo of government's function of foreign trade.This part proceeded analysis to the status quo of the function of foreign trade in our country from the micro-aspect. The first is the status quo of the promoting system of foreign trade, in the first we analyze the limitation of the approval of the right to trade, then, we discuss the shortage of exporting drawback, finance supporting and import customs valuation. The second is the status quo of the trade in services, via the analysis of import and export professional construction and comparison advantage index in services, we can realize the international competition ability of trade in services in our country is very lowly. The third is the status quo of the industry safeties guarantees; we discuss it from the tariff construction, non-tariff barriers, anti-dumping, and countervailing and safeguards mechanism. The fourth is the status quo of the protection of intellectual property; we discuss primarily its shortages. The fifth is the status quo of the law system of foreign trade. At last, we discuss the relationship between the trade liberalism strategy and economy development's goal.The fourth part: measure on the change of Chinese government' s function of foreign trade after China's accession to the WTO. We discuss firstly the signific...
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