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A Research On Shareholder Communication Voting

Posted on:2008-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the process of company operation, the company possession and the company management these two things are the most centered question. The encompassment company possession and the company management relations is divided in two ways to launch, namely, the owner and the operator's relations, as well as relations among the shareholders. Moreover, these two kinds of legal relationship are both launched by the right to vote as the pivot. Obviously, the right to vote has the vital significance to the company shareholders, it has directly decided shareholder's status in a company. The shareholder communication right to vote is one of the important shareholders right to vote constituents, this system sets up the goal in order to guarantee the shareholder right to vote to exercise fully. The shareholder communication vote is a kind of system in which the absence shareholder uses the electronic network mail delivery, faxes the communication way to discuss official businesses and items on the general meeting of shareholders to make oneself understood, indicated exercises the shareholder right to vote. Shareholder communication vote system its content includes shareholder communication vote concept, characteristics, function significance, manifestation, manipulation scope and legal effect, in which manipulation scope and legal effect demonstrates as its core content. Our national law of corporation has not given the regulations about the shareholder communication vote. Although two legal documents from the Chinese Negotiable Securities Inspection Committee has stipulated the communication vote, it still has many unscientific aspects in terms of communication vote manipulation scope. In real practice, many companies to be listed have stipulated the shareholder communication vote in the articles of incorporation, but different companies have different yet unrelated and substandard procedures in this act. The article carries on the comprehensive discussion on the shareholder communication vote system, proposes a more perfect system tentative plan, so it should has the profound realistic legal significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shareholders Voting Right, Communication Voting, Network Electron Voting, Fax voting, Shortages of Voting Right
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