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On China And The Rok Established Diplomatic Relations Between The Two Countries National Interests

Posted on:2008-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360215973364Subject:International Relations
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Two countries' representatives signed the "The official report of thePeople's Republic of China and the Republic of Korea to establish diplomaticrelations" on Aug. 24th 1992. It opens a new chapter of China-Korea relationswhich had been in conflicts during the cold war for more than 40 years.The establishment of national diplomatic relations is related to thediplomatic policies of both nations. Each nation's diplomatic policy aims atnative national interests. After the establishment of Sino-Korea diplomaticrelations, started politics and economic exchanges have an important effect uponboth countries. I take apart in detail, in the concrete; the establishment ofSino-Korea diplomatic relations had what kind of effect about two countries'national interests.Before taking apart the effect of the establishment of Sino-Koreadiplomatic relations, first of all, I looked into the background and means ofthe establishment of Sino-Korea diplomatic relations. The establishment ofSino-Korea diplomatic relations is the result of domestic primary factor andchanged international circumstances. In the international circumstances offeature after cold war, the domestic circumstances of two countries also havechanged.The establishment of Sino-Korea diplomatic relations brought actualdiplomatic interest, and cleared theforeground of the economics exchanges andeconomics cooperation. The two governments believe that this establishmentwould bring a good opportunity for the Northeast Asia peace and development,the Korean peninsula peace and stability.I make the analysis of effect of the establishment of Sino-Korea diplomaticrelations which China-Korea each nation' s political scientists contend aboutnative national interests. And I take apart Chinese national interests witheconomic interests, security interests and interests of unification of thecountry.The international economics interest of China can take apart with productexports, technology exports, labor exports, overseas investment, importsincluding those of advanced technology, foreign investment, internationaltourism, and mergence into the world economic system.Through these five parts, we can notice that the establishment of Sino-Koreadiplomatic relations exerts a beneficial influence upon Chinese economicinterests.Moreover, you can recognize the effect to security interests and NortheastAsian peace according as the peace of the Korean peninsula. And Korea, whichhad friendly relations with Taiwan, admits that Taiwan is a part of China, it also exerts a beneficial influence upon Chinese unification interests.I take apart Korean national interests with diplomatic security interests,economic interests, and unification interests.In the rapidly changing world situation, maintaining friendly relationswith neighbor countries is a very important nation policy. Korea also got manyinterests on diplomatic security after starting officially relationship withChina which is the central neighboring country of neighbor of Korea. And thereare many economic interests in the extension of the export market and investmentto Korean economic. Changing of world market system and friendly relations withChina is very important to Korea because Korean economics depends two much onforeign. Through the establishment Korea could meet China like a good economiccompanion, and could keep growing. And then, Korea, which is a divided nation,had the limitations of North Korea policy. China, which has to keep friendlyrelations with North Korea for a long time, is an important country to Korea.In connection with Korean to North Korea policy, Chinese cooperation is veryimportant. Through the establishment of Sino-Korea diplomatic relations, therelation of north and south was recovered; China became a good collaborator forKorea to North Korea policy.The establishment of Sino-Korea diplomatic relations has been over 14 years.We can notice that on both sides the relations develops rapidly. Two nationsare going to be a good cooperative companion in policy, military affairs,economics, international cooperation, culture, etc., even in every part.Although there are some problems to solve between two nations' relations, atthe side of national interests, there occur a lot of interests when they arecooperated.I have analyzed several ways of the two countries' national interests andthe effect of the establishment of Sino-Korea diplomatic relations. Finally,there occur the interests in every side when they are cooperated, and in thefuture, there occur many national interests to depend on the relations of twocountries.
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