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The Study On The Perception And Review From South Korean Persnective About The Establishment Of China-South Korea Diplomatic Relations

Posted on:2018-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The establishment of Sino-South Korean diplomatic relations,it is a major event in the field of international relations in East Asia after the Cold War and had a significant impact on China,South Korea and neighboring countries and regions.China and South Korea had long been in a state of mutual hostility before 1992.Whether from a historic or realistic perspective,this is an "abnormal" state in relations between two countries.This paper uses the method of literature analysis and empirical analysis to interpret basic cognition and evaluation from South Korean perspective about this event and the development of two countries' relations by studying Korean scholars and medias' Interpretation.This paper is divided into four chapters.The first chapter expounds the development of Sino-Korean relations in the early days of the establishment of their diplomatic relations mainly from the political,economic,cultural aspects.South Korea began to take the initiative to improve its relations with the socialist camp since the 1970s,which created favorable conditions for contacts between China and South Korea.The economic and trade exchanges between China and South Korea began in the 1970s,Sino-Korean trade has entered into the fast lane since the 1980s which become the first light of improvement between China-South Korea relations.South Korea began to set up China studying think tanks from the 1970s,the communications in academic,sports,personnel and other aspects had also become increasingly active after that.These multi-level contacts and communication laid the foundation for China-South Korea to establish diplomatic relations.The second chapter focuses on the South Korean understanding of the reasons for the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea.Under the "Northern Policy",South Korea improved its relations with its former "hostile countries".But South Korea's main purpose was to suppress North Korea government and accelerate the unification of Korean Peninsula by establish diplomatic relations with China.In addition,South Korea also noted the great potential of China's economic development and hoped to enter Chinese market by using the time that China was sanctioned by the Western countries.They also believed that China had agreed to accept South Korea because they wanted to crack down its ally-Taiwan which was attempting to return to the international community during the late 80s.The third chapter mainly analyzes the main obstacle to the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Korea from South Korean perspective.China-North Korea relations,South Korea-Taiwan relations and the domestic opposition were the main factors that hindered the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea at that time.In order to deal with all these obstacles,China and South Korea had made a great effort and South Korean thinks they lost more for this than China.The fourth chapter focuses on the evaluation of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea afterwards.It can be divided into two factors in general which includes a positive side and a rethinking one.And on this basis,I put forward several major divergences of the current obstacles to the development of China-South Korea relations.
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