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The Religious Roots Of Western Rule Of Law And Its Revelation

Posted on:2009-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360245960120Subject:Legal theory
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Religion plays an important role in the development of the Western law, it can be said that it is precisely because the religious beliefs of Western, which promote the people of West's legal beliefs. This is precisely the reason for the good development of the rule of law in Western world.This paper based on the thread of"Religious sources of the rule of law in the western world and its inspiration". In this paper I had discussed the relation among the religion and the development of Western legal and the formation of the rule of law, from ancient Greece to modern times. I have got some inspirations about the building of the rule of law in today's china from this discussion. I think that we should pay more attention to the active roles of religion and establish the legal beliefs of Chinese in the china's construction of the rule of law in today. This paper used a comparative analysis method to analysis the China's national conditions and the reality of the situation and then concluded that building the rule of law in China today, to really realize the rule of law in China, we must give full play the positive role of religion, establish awareness of the right and freedom of nationals, extensive training the moral values and the concept of primacy of law of nationals, and establishing better justice ceremony, that only in this way can the rule of law in China developing towards a better direction.
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