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The Study On The Legal's Protection And Restriction For Freedom Of Religion Belife

Posted on:2009-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245958121Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Today,the freedom of religious belief becomes stipulation fundamental human the international human rights joint pledge . Many countries have established this principle by the constitution form.china is a country which has many religious. In history, not only the three big religions in the world spread to China successively, also many other religions spread to China. Just for manichaeism and so on.we also have ourself sole possession of religious Taoism. At present, our country mainly has five religions rotesta, Taoism, Islamism, Catholicism and Christianity ( rotestantism) and so on . Approximately has more than 100,000,000 worshippers,more than 30 ten thousand religious teachership personnel,more than 3000 religious groups and more than 10 ten thousand religious activity site. Compared with the other countries in the world which the religious population accounts for a most. The religious belief population does not occupy the overwhelming majority is our country religion aspect's outstanding feature .Our country advocates atheism,so safeguards the citizen freedom of religious belief, we need to make a greater endeavor in the legal system aspect. The special political context, social environment and the cultural environment in our country is much more complex than any other countries, Whether the citizen's freedom of religious belief right can be realize, which is fulfills the international domestic duty test on Our country Government important. Now the social religion question is more complex , Some illegal associations use the religion,causes the national and the race contradiction, creates terrorist disturbances, harmed people's benefit and religious benefit. We need to discriminate religious organization and other associations, to protects citizen's freedom of religious belief.The paper will analyze the religion and other social phenomenon,study with the Cult, the Terrorist organization, the superstition activity carry .we will know that religious and social phenomena Studies some countries with essentially difference. Generally speaking, the legal protect that citizen's freedom of religious belief and the religious action freedom, the restrictions of legal are main in : separation of church and state ;action of religious should not harm the national interest and the people's benefit; and do not harm the good custom and so on. freedom of religious belief legal rule and limit, at present stage freedom of religious belief legal protection and limit in our country. In the time of the war for the national liberation , our party starts to pay attention to the religious , proposed a series of correctly religious policy, united the broad masses. After the founding of the PRC, our country went forward in the exploration . Our religiou's work has passed through a section with winding. After the Third Plenary Session of the 11th path, our country paid attention to the citizen's freedom of religious belief right, we has made a series of laws and regulations. Our legal is mainly protected to citizen's religious belief and the religious action,limited the scope of the citizen's belief liberty of action. Just as, action of religious should not harm the national interest and the people's benefit; and do not harm the good custom and so on. If we violated the laws and regulations, we should accepted the legal liability. in the final of the article, we think about the disaster which "Falungong" the carried and the resonsideration on the legal.
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