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A Study On The Religious Belief Of Middle - Aged And Young People

Posted on:2013-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330434970577Subject:Public administration
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As an ideology and culture, the religion,between the various nationalities in China are deeply influenced by the current of popular mainland main sects of Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Christianity and Islam, has a long history, and will exist long go on. Bring the human spirit comfort at the same time, the existence of religious beliefs, but also retains the splendid religious culture, but it also brought some negative impact for the current complex international environment China. In addition, with the continuing escalation of social competition in the golden age of the young group is to resist pressure from on all sides, a lot of young due to the weight of unbearable life or work troubles, thought and spirit were unable to find placement resulting in a religion needs. Found that the number of religious belief in China’s young population is increasing every year, according to the relevant departments of the research show that the religious needs of middle-aged to produce has developed a growing phenomenon, and for this, the Government must be the correct guidance in order to these groups the right of believers.In view of this article focuses on the young religious needs. First literature about religion at home and abroad into the details and summary, clearly the current status quo; after a Buddha Friends of the QQ group for the study in-depth investigation by the set of questionnaire topics and interviews to understand the QQ group needs of young religious status quo; On this basis, the article from personal reasons, two aspects of social reasons the young root causes of religious belief launched a study shows the complexity of religious beliefs demand; then combined with middle-aged characteristics of groups, in-depth discussed the positive and negative effects of religious beliefs may bring the young, the fundamental purpose is to try to avoid these negative effects of government guidance to young believers; from the perspective of politics, education, support and care The basic strategy for the correct guidance of young believers.This study about the religious beliefs, for improving the social status quo of the religious beliefs of the young and middle-aged groups, to guide the community young and middle class have a clear understanding of great significance, but also conducive to the national government for the religious administration to make the right decisions and judgments.
Keywords/Search Tags:Young and Middle-aged Religious Beliefs, Religious Culture, Religious Influence, Correctly Guide
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