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On The Perfection Of County - Level People's Congress Standing Committee To Supervise The Exercise Of

Posted on:2008-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Content abstract:Carries on the surveillance to the authority torestrict,is a modern democratic constitutionalism basic principle.Inorder to guarantee the authority movement the legal system,the highefficiency and the honesty,must carry on the effective surveillancerestriction. In our country,National People's Congress to theadministrative organ,the judicial organization, the procuratorialagency carries on the legal surveillance and the work surveillance,isthe constitution and the law entrusts with National People's Congressand its a standing committee's important authority.The county levelStanding Committee of the National People's Congress is the most basicunit National People's Congress permanent organization,thesupervisory authority is work load biggest,the content most,thescope is broadest,a people nicest basic authority.20 for many years,have passed through unceasingly explores,the practice,theinnovation,the consummation,the county level Standing Committee ofthe National People's Congress supervises the work to make.theencouraging progress,but overall,supervises the strength,theinspector general does not arrive,the surveillance effect not obviousquestion is still prominent,investigates its reason,mainly isbecause all quarters supervise facing National People's Congress theimportance and the necessity knew does not arrive,the politicalsystem is uncoordinated, surveillance law construction lag,NationalPeople's Congress own construction also unsuitable surveillance jobrequirement.Must safeguard the county level Standing Committee of theNational People's Congress legally to exercise the supervisoryauthority,unceasingly enhances the surveillance actual effect,theauthor believed,first,must correctly process the good county levelStanding Committee of the National People's Congress and the samelevel party committee and "government office two courtyards"relations.On the one hand,must correctly deal with good and the samelevel party committee's relations,on own initiative accepts the samelevel party committee's leadership,revolves party committee's maintask legally to exercise the authority,on the other hand,and mustcorrectly process good and same level "government office twocourtyards" the relations,achieve both neglect duty,also does notexceed authority;Second,further consummates the county levelStanding Committee of the National People's Congress the monitorprogram,including listens to and considers "government office twocourtyards" the work report,the budget examination surveillance,thelaw enforcement inspection,the inquiry supervisor, the inquiry andthe interpellation,the specific question investigation,removes fromoffice and so on the monitor program,impels the inspector generalwork to face the institution,standardized,the scientific directionadvance;Third,strengthens the county level Standing Committee of theNational People's Congress to construct,the safeguard supervisoryauthority effectively exercises.Must organize,the systemconstruction and the institution from the county Standing Committee ofthe National People's Congress constructs obtains,through optimizesthe personnel structure,the perfect work routine,consummates eachfunction,guarantees the county level Standing Committee of theNational People's Congress to supervise the function effectively toexercise.
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