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On The Bush Administration Economic Diplomacy With China

Posted on:2011-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360305498269Subject:International relations
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Since the end of the cold war, especially since the 21st century, economic issues has gradually exceeded the traditional area named" low politics" and got more attention from most country of the world. Competitions among nations are increasingly reflected as competition among comprehensive national strength which core is economic power. So as an important part of overall diplomacy, the economic diplomacy plays an increasingly significant role in the international relations.Economic diplomacy is a kind of external activities by the government in order to achieve economic benefits of his state, which function is to enhance the overall national strength, to make other diplomatic goals come true, to promote the coordinated development of regional economies and to resolve trade frictions among states. This paper focuses on the economic diplomacy of George.W.Bush administration towards China, trying to grasp the law of Sino-US economic diplomacy. This article will analyze the backgrounds of G.W.Bush administrations' economic diplomacy toward China at three levels:the domestic level of U.S, the Sino-U.S bilateral level and the global level. The author thinks that the main causes for G.W.Bush administrations to carry out economic diplomacy toward China are as follows:the development of Sino-U.S trade relations, the complementarity of Sino-U.S trade relations and further integrating China into the international system. We also discuss Bush administration's economic strategy toward China and several fields in which disputes occurred between China and United States, such as Sino-US trade imbalance, currency manipulation of RMB and intellectual property protection. In this article the U.S-China Strategic Economic Dialogue is taken as a example. By analysis of the reasons to open up the SED and its achievements after five dialogues, as well as the arrangements when President G.W Bush left the office. I manage to prove that SED is an effective way to solve Sino-U.S economic disputes.It is also a successful case of American economic diplomacy toward China and a convincing proof of the deepening Sino-U.S relationship. The article also summarize the enlightenments of US'economic diplomacy toward China and SED:the better way for China to solve Sino-U.S economic disputes and increase mutual trust is to carry out economic diplomacy toward United States and institutionalize it.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic Diplomacy, Strategic Economic Dialogue, Sino-US Economic and Trade Relations
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