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High School Mathematics Learning In The Process Of Evading Investigation And Analysis Of The Phenomenon

Posted on:2012-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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During the process of students who learn mathematics, we will find avoidance phenomenon are common in the course of learning. As the fact of existence, the all-round development of math skills of students are affected. In order to improving the students math ability further, and realize the comprehensive grasp of the knowledge of mathematics, The research of the avoidance phenomenon in the learning process of math is of practical significance.In this thesis, the students in senior middle school are studied as respondents, According to the Investigation and analysis for the avoidance phenomenon of the students in learning process, find out the reason for the cause of the phenomenon in the course are chiefly manifested in: low degree in grasping of knowledge, susceptible to the feelings or attitudes and lack confidence and inducements. The paper does the entire analysis and research of the avoidance phenomenon in the learning process on the basis of factors of intelligent and non-intelligent, Involving effect of intelligence factor, such as concentration, imagination, observation and memory, and non-intelligence factor, such as self-efficacy, motivation, interests, attitude and individuality, etc, adjust the avoidance phenomenon in the math learning process. By means of creating a better learning environment, adopting flexible ways to educate, correct guiding of attribution, mechanism and attitude of students are improved, the learning performance of math are heighten, this enabled our students to have good math ability during the process of studying math, strengthen the confidence, motivation of learning math and self-efficacy in the course.This research is studied from the view of characteristics of math learning and problems In the course of study, according to the characteristics of the avoidance phenomenon, make a analysis of the avoidance phenomenon in the math learning process, In particular, from the direction of psychology. The main place of innovation of this paper is:it made an detailed analysis for avoidance phenomenon in the learning process of math; Based on the actual investigations and analysis, this paper summarizes the process of the phenomenon; by investigating and analyzing, it put forward solutions to help students to inhibit the occurrence of the avoidance phenomenon, in expectation of new breakthrough in math studying.
Keywords/Search Tags:avoidance phenomenon, psychology of avoidance, mathematical study
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