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On The Perfection Of Legal System Of Labor Dispatch In China

Posted on:2016-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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2008 promulgation of the new "Labor Contract Law" in 2013 for the first time changes, the revised "Labor Contract Law" on July 1, 2013 formally implemented. China to amend the "Labor Contract Law," the voice continued, due to a lot of problems, a lot of places require modification, but only for the dispatch of this modification has been modified, showing the importance attached to dispatch, but also reflects the fact that our labor dispatch or there are many defects. Dispatch refers to a form of indirect employment the employer of labor, namely the signing of the agreement by sending dispatch unit and labor units, labor contracts and the employee by the dispatch, in the case of the workers agree to send the workers to employment units of work, employment units managed by the provision of services. Promulgation and implementation of the end of our long-term no laws dispatch situation in 2008, "Labor Contract Law".First, this paper is an overview of the labor dispatch. Dispatch from concept, nature, characteristics analysis perspective; secondly, are some of the introduction of foreign labor dispatch system and find that our country can learn from. Furthermore, based on correlation analysis elaborated on before, to illustrate some of the problems existing in our dispatch system, as well as the reasons for the formation of these problems; Finally, some suggestions about solving problems in our dispatch system. From our country, this paper proposes some ideas to improve and perfect our dispatch system. The paper is organized as follows:Introduction: In the introduction, describes the important role of labor dispatch in the current economic development, as well as the research background and research methods.Part I: It is about the dispatch of the relevant overview, including the dispatch of some of the basic concepts and principles of exposition and introduction.Part II: According to Labor United States, Germany, France, Japan and other countries to send the development process, to find our dispatch system in place worth learning. And the formation, development and current situation of China’s dispatch system had some introduction.Part III: From a practical point of view, analysis of the labor dispatch system, and the problems and defects in the system development process exist.Part IV: Combining the previous discussion, our dispatch system for the problems, make recommendations and countermeasures.According to China’s labor dispatch system defects and shortcomings, I think should be from the allocation of responsibilities, supervision mechanism and refine the protection measures to improve, for example, to improve the distribution system of burden and refinement of equal pay for equal work protection measures and so on, the specific content will in the text in detail.
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