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A Study On The Financing Problem Of Non - Governmental Institutions Of Higher Learning In China

Posted on:2016-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Private colleges and universities started from the reform and opening up to now has been developed over30years, has made outstanding achievements, for me to do the development of higher education and make a contribution. The emergence and development of private colleges and universities, to ease the contradiction between social demand and supply of higher education, but also to further promote the country’s educational equity. But in the process of development, private colleges still face many problems can not be ignored. Such as poor quality of teaching, the lack of a lion, the small school size, pressure and other financing. Among them, a shortage of funds, financing difficulties are private colleges and universities have been plagued by a major problem, funding issues are resolved, it is largely an impact on solving other problems. So to solve the problem of financing private colleges are very necessary and urgent.In this paper, theoretical papers in this article from private colleges and universities starting financing schema evolution, then the status of private colleges and universities financing problems are described, and analyze the reasons for the adverse effects and problems come to cause problems arising. Then draw the United States, Japan, the success of private financing experience, summed up the experience to solve our financial problems of private colleges. Articles specific structure:The first chapter is an introduction. Research background, significance, methods are described, summarized the research results and related theoretical basis.The second chapter describes the three stages of financing through private colleges and the current situation.Chapter III according to the previous section, summed private colleges private colleges stage financing problems and analyze the causes of these problems and the impact.The fourth chapter studies the financial state of the US, Japan and the two private universities in the country, from the successful experience in finance, identify gaps in our colleges and universities with the presence of private financing, and lessons. According to the foregoing chapter research and analysis, issue of property rights from private colleges and universities, government support, legal environmental aspects of the reform recommendations to optimize the development and financing environment in Private Universities. Then from the point of view of diversification of financing proposed a new vision for the private colleges to broaden the financing channels.The sixth chapter is a summary and the full text of this article illustrate shortcomings and future research directions.
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