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Financing Research On The Second Phase Construction Project Of Private Guangxi YH Vocational College

Posted on:2020-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K B ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330578455058Subject:Advanced Business Administration
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For a long time,due to various reasons,the funding for the development of private colleges and universities is short.Compared with public universities,the sources of funding for private colleges and universities are single,and project financing is difficult,which seriously restricts the development of private higher education.On August 10,2018,the department of justice released "private education promotion law implementing regulations of the People's Republic of China(revised)(SongShenGao)",releasing new signal to private education with the introduction of various local government supporting measures and specific implementation measures,the laws and regulations on private education will be gradually improved,and the development environment of private education will continue to improve Our national education will usher in new development opportunities.Under the new situation,how to learn from the financing mechanism of private colleges and universities at home and abroad,seize the opportunity,diversify and raise funds for running schools and construction,achieve leap-forward development,and avoid various risks,becoming a new problem facing private schools.This thesis studies and analyzes the private colleges and universities of this unit,and puts forward some ideas and methods for the financing model of private colleges and universitiesBased on the theory and practice of private colleges and universities,this paper studies the sources of private(private)colleges and universities and the project financing model,and draws on the experience of private(private)college funding sources and project financing,combined with the private Guangxi YH Vocational College.In fact,the financing and financing strategies for the second phase of the project were proposedThis paper innovatively puts forward the following points of view:First,private colleges and universities should combine their own system and mechanism advantages,face the market and society,take the road of open education,and diversify financing.It is necessary to make full use of the means of the market,attract social capital to run schools and project construction,aim at cooperation and win-win,benefit sharing,take contractual agreement management as a means,focus on risk prevention and control,and choose to formulate a realistic financing model to solve The shortage of self-funding and project construction problems;the second is to use the internal financing of private colleges as an important source of financing for research and analysis;the third is to conduct research and analysis on the financing and projects of privately funded schools.Fourth,the attributes of private colleges and universities determine that the research on the risk control of project financing mode in private colleges must be combined with the overall research on the risk management of private colleges and universities,and cannot be studied separately.
Keywords/Search Tags:Private colleges, Construction of new campus, project financing, endogenous financing channels, external financing channels
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