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Deng Xiaoping's Ideological And Political Education Theory, Students' Ideological And Moral Construction

Posted on:2007-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360185964304Subject:Ideological and political education
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To be exerting the policies of reform and opening to the outside and building modern socialism in China of new period. Deng Xiaoping very highly emphasizes the education of this point. During the ideological politics education practice of long period, it forms socialism's ideological politics education theory with Chinese characteristics.Deng Xiaoping's ideological politics education theory either has abundant internal means or clear features. It sticks to the direction of seeking the truth from the facts, it takes the serving economic building as the core, it takes the spiritual civilizations as main content, it fosters "four owns" as the target, it takes the ideological politics education of adolescent as important point. To carry out these educations, such as Marxism basic theory and ideal belief; the basic line, principles and politics of the Party; patriotism, collectivism and socialism; socialism democratic, law and discipline; correct world view ,view-point of life and socialism morality. All the educations were internal essence of Deng Xiaoping's ideological politics education theory. It has the features of epoch, reality, creation and guidance.With the progress of science and technology day by day. It is undoubted fact that economic globalization and development of the Net. The work of adolescent's ideological politics education is facing the more new .and more complex challenge compared with passed any times. In current situation, most of students were good, but few students exist the behaviors that empty spirit, immoral behaviors, even crime and break the Law. On the building of student's spirit morality. We should correctly analyze the reasons that exist in the reality and problems of student's ideological morality. We should take Deng Xiaoping's ideological politics education theory as guide, correctly realize its important means, hold on the correct direction of ideological morality building, seeking the truth from facts, convince reform and create new performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Deng Xiaoping, the education of ideological politics, middle school students, the building of ideological morality
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