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On College Students' Academic Building, Development And Improvement Of Early Warning Mechanisms

Posted on:2010-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G ChiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207360275955311Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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In recent years,various reasons cause a high rate of school drop-out among high school students which not only hurt the students and their families,but also damage the schools' social reputations,and waste the nation's educational resources.Using early warning systems is a new model of high schools' management.It has been put into effect in many high schools in recent years and achieves good results.It lowers the school drop-out rate effectively.Early warning is a system to supervise the whole process of school work related to students' records,choice of subjects,daily attendance and comprehensive assessments.It is to warn,help and guide the students to solve the problems which have appeared or that will appear.It turns people's concept of management from post treatment to prevention or remediation in the midst of challenges.The methods of document analysis and personal cases research were used in the thesis.By systematizing the documents materials and analyzing the typical cases,the thesis describes the generating,development,and perfection of the early warning system of high schools in our country.Through an investigation on the basic situation and work methods of the early warning system carried on in some high schools,the thesis summarizes its efficiency and experience while also finds some shortcomings in the course of implementation and its inherent deficiency.The early warning system has four characteristics:positive,diverse,preventative and multi-representative panel.It acts on warning,reminding and checking,correcting and encouragement, standardizing and preventing,easing and removing.If a high school wants to establish an early warning system,the school leaders should pay much attention to it.The first step is to design its workable productive process,then decide the reasonable limits standard of early warning system and the norm of the absence from classes.There should be specialized personnel to do this.The implementation of early warning system needs to formulate the strict and standard principle of different levels.The work should be divided specifically,right and responsibility should be clearly communicated.Meanwhile,in order to supervise the implementation of the early warning system effectively,the school should pay attention to train talents,build up a high quality management team,construct a supervisory system as well as work out a regular reporting and checking principle.The early warning system meets the high schools practical situation of our country.It can be carried out through cooperation between high schools.It fits for the characteristics of four-year students,two-year students as well as postgraduates.It can also be carried out among the students from correspondence and television schools.
Keywords/Search Tags:early warning system of school work, implementation, high schools, early warning management
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