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Research On The Debt Risk Analysis And Early Warning System In Hebei Universities

Posted on:2011-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper is mainly aiming at preventing and resolving the huge college debt risk,which is caused by lack of development funds. This paper takes the debt risk in Hebei's University as the research object, designed to further and deeper understanding of the matter and causes from the theoretical perspective, summarizing to propose a solution,using Econometrics methods to establish an early warning system which is compatible with the solutions. In order to promote the development of higher education in Hebei Province, meanwhile, provide the basis for economic and social development. Based on the use of relevant theories and methods, the main contents of the study can be summarized as follows.First of all, on the basis of reviewing debt risks theories of colleges and universities home and abroad, we defined the college debt risk and prevention concepts. Including the definition on colleges and universities debt risk, the types and characteristics of the debt, described the identification, measure, guard theory of colleges and universities risk.Secondly, this thesis has analyzed the situation risk of Hebei's University, from the borrowing of Hebei's University, mainly analyzed the impact factors of debt risk, the pros and cons of borrowing of Hebei's University. At the same time, we selected 10 key colleges or universities in Hebei Province to be targeted analysis. Besides Hebei Province, this thesis also selected five provinces with a comparative analysis of Hebei Province, in which we can learn some experience that may be helpful, get a clear understanding of the root causes of the current situation of debt risk in Hebei Province.Once again, this thesis tries to use empirical methods, solves the problem of Hebei's University debt risk, and builds an early warning system to resolve the debt risk of Universities in Hebei Province. Through the selection, screening Hebei's University of debt risks data which are affecting, by using econometric methods, establish a debt model which is effective for risk prevention and control.Finally, according to the analysis of previously, we proposed the countermeasures of how to resolve of debt risk of Hebei's University. By using the results of empirical research, from the point of view government, banks, colleges or universities, pointed out the debt-oriented strategies of Hebei's University which guard against the debt risks, and the measures to resolve.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hebei Province, College debt risks, Prevention, Resolution, Early Warning System, Countermeasure
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