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University City Campus Network Status Of Cultural Construction And Strategic Research

Posted on:2011-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360305486084Subject:Education Technology
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With the growing popularity of the Internet, the network as the world's most important communication tool, is taken more and more attention. Since the 1990s, the higher education has the trends of intensification, industrialization and international. In the city, the technology innovation system, inspired to form the University town construction boom. As a new culture, campus cyber culture of University town, is the result of mutual penetration of the different campus cyber culture. It has characteristics of open, regional and practice.This article is definitely based on the rapid development of network technology. Against this background, the rapid rise of network society impart a substantial impact on colleges and universities. This article uses the literature,questionnaire and interview research methods, researches on the campus cyber culture theory in University town, and surveys on the campus cyber culture status questionnaire in University town.About the theory, the author defined the meaning of university campus cyber culture through the summary of the research in university campus culture and cyber culture, analyze the relationship between campus cyber culture and tradition campus culture, located the campus cyber culture accurately. Campus cyber culture is the main activities for university teachers and students, relying on the campus culture, the sum of the behavior,morality and norms which are communicated through the network. Campus cyber culture is the combining product of the campus culture and cyber culture, is the virtual,development and extension of the campus culture.In survey part, the author designed a " campus cyber culture status questionnaire in University town ",surveyed on the students of Rizhao University town, which researched from two angles of the individual universities and the whole University town, designed the investigation in three aspects of cyber material culture,cyber system culture and cyber spirit culture. The research shows that the present construction situation of campus cyber culture in University town is good, the students'mental state are positive and healthy. In the same time, this research also shows the shortcomings of the present construction situation of campus cyber culture in University town:no official University Town Website; lack of electronic resource sharing platform in University town; access system of University Town Forum is not sound; campus cyber specification in University town almost blank; does not pay enough attention to Moral Education Network; the student on the weak awareness of Network IP in University town; "Mental Health Education network platform" is missing; does not pay attention to "Cyber Culture Festival"; no harmony between community culture and the cyber culture; less connection betweeen dormitory culture in University town and the cyber culture, and so on. Through the survey analysis about the campus cyber culture theory and campus cyber culture construction, which proposed the construction stages of campus cyber culture. First, the construction of cyber material culture, to strengthen the improve of teaching area network facilities in University Town; to install campus network in dormitory; to establish an official University Town Website; to establish a electronic resources platform in University town. Second, the construction of network system culture, to improve network security management system for university; set up the courses of Moral Education Network; to formulate "network norms in University town" and "real-name registration system in official University Town Forum ". Third, the construction of cyber spiritual culture, to build "Red Website" of universities; organize " Cyber Culture Festival "; take full advantage of network to undertake more community cultural activities; enhance the network culture atmosphere of academic research in University town; to create a "Mental Health Education network platform "; make full use of campus network platform to propagate and organize the activities of Dormitory Culture.
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