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The Smart Home System Based On Zigbee Wireless Network

Posted on:2012-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208330335480354Subject:Communication and Information System
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Smart home makes household appliances networking with communication, embedded and sensor technology. Smart home can not only control appliances that access to family internal network, but also exchange information between family internal network and external network. Smart home improves comfort, safety and convenience of peoples'life.This paper firstly compares current wireless network technology, taking ZigBee as internal network communication mean after combining the feature of smart home. Design overall structure of smart home system, take cluster tree network as network topology of internal network. Compared with star network, cluster tree network solves the problem of network coverage and transmission flexibility. Design home gateway hardware which includes ZigBee communication circuit, GPRS circuit and ethernet circuit. Utilize S3C2440 and Linux to build embedded gateway platform which includes Web server. Compared with PC home gateway, embedded home gateway takes advantages of volume, power consumption and cost. Design node join network mechanism and overtime retransmission mechanism for ZigBee coordinator so as to improve transmission reliability. After analyzing specific application of smart home, design user protocol and invoke heartbeat mechanism, which improves transmission reliability in wireless network. GPRS enables people to get emergency information from home immediately. Embedded Web server enables people to take remote monitor through network and browser.Secondly, this paper takes hardware design on kinds of sensor nodes and paints part of PCB. Take MC13224 as sensor node controller. Its wireless transceiver performance is greater than CC2430 and so on. Invoke sleep mechanism, design sleep and wake up period according to different application of sensor nodes. Select sleep mode of MC13224 to reduce power consumption of node in a greater degree. Through hardware and software design of sensor node, accomplish detection of environmental indicators and emergency events in family internal network.At last, utilize hardware platform to take several experimental research. Experiments includes node's network configuration, network setup and node joining network, sensor node data collection, communication range measurement and remote monitor. The experimental results indicate that cluster tree network which takes advantage of network coverage and transmission flexibility is suitable for smart home.Remote monitor achieves the communication between internal and external network of smart home, which facilitates users'remote manipulation and secures home environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:ZigBee, Smart Home, MC13224, Cluster Tree Network, Remote Monitor
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