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The Application Study Of Smart Home Based On Zigbee Wireless Communication Technology

Posted on:2008-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360215973874Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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With the development of electronic information technology and computernetwork, nowadays, there is a new trend for Smart Home to realize the familyinformatization, networking. The system of Smart Home can provide a kind of easier,ordered and effective life style to human, and must be the development tendency forfuture inhabitancy mode. In this way, the system of Smart Home is becoming a risingresearch field gradually.In this paper, contraposed the problem of hard-routing, high-cost,complex-structure existing in the Smart Home, a new method of applying Zigbeewireless communication technology to Smart Home by analyzing the present statustechnology of Smart Home system from domestic to overseas is given and proposed adesign options by adopting Zigbee wireless communication technology. Compared tothe traditional Smart Home system, there are lots of characteristics like no routing,convenient maintenance, low operating cost, online monitor, wireless data collectionof inside family device and so on.Pointing to these features of Smart Home network, in this paper, a method ofadopting cluster network to establish Smart Home Intranet by analyzing, comparing,researching the Smart Home network is given, and also a kind of self-adapting cullingstrategy of coordinator is proposed, it can overcome the disadvantage when networkparalysis was caused by accident. The Smart Home network is designed and realized,and a kind of low-cost, high-flexibility, conventional wireless intelligent networkcontroller is accomplished by using CC2420 Zigbee module and PIC18F4620 MCU.This controller also has GPRS remote access interface, and consumer can telemonitorthe home devices through GPRS network.This paper is divided into 7 chapters, each chapter is introduced as follows:Chapter 1 first introduces the definition of Smart Home and the present status,then, gives out the different network technology of Smart Home. At last, the maincontent and innovate point is given.Chapter 2 introduces the Zigbee technology and its protocol.Chapter 3 designs the system global option firstly, and introduces the wholesystem stack and design principle. Then, do the research on Smart Home networkbased on Zigbee, and the device type of network and three kinds of topology networksare introduced. Pointing to the features of Smart Home network, the cluster network is adopted to establish Intranet, and a self-adapting culling strategy of coordinator isproposed.Chapter 4 mainly introduces hardware design of network controller. And thewhole design of hardware is given first, then each part like hardware processor,Zigbee wireless receive module and GPRS circuit are introduced.Chapter 5 is the software design and realization of network controller. First, therealization of Zigbee protocol is introduced, then, the GPRS software design is given,and for the convenience of system debug, a kind of upper software is developed.The last chapter is a conclusion of my work, and also proposes future...
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart Home, Zigbee, Cluster network, Coordinator, CC2420
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