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A Study Of Yan Shu And Yan Jidao's Ci Poetry Of The Gardens And Parks

Posted on:2012-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2215330335491006Subject:Ancient Chinese literature
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Both Ci Poetry of the Song Dynasty and gardens and parks have the aesthetic value. From the perspective of gardens, the images of garden and park will be divided into imaginary images and real scene. In the two Yan's gardens and parks Ci poems, the former refers to all the "buildings", "curtain", "swallow", while the latter refers to "the setting sun" and "the moon". However, both of them representatively express all these images differently. Soul of their Ci poems about gardens and parks is to put the one's personality, lifetime, interest into the natural gardens and parks, thus to establish a kind of environment that has its own characteristics and aesthetic value. Yan Shu considers the noble and elegant images aspect of the gardens and parks. While Yan Jidao feels more dreamy and magic, due to his life experience different from Yan Shu's. For him, all the beautiful pavilions and trees and flowers do not exist any more. They are all vanished and now is just a kind of unreal memory Yan Shu and Yan Jidao's Ci poems plays a very important typical in the gardens and parks Ci poem in north Song dynasty. They respectively stand the aesthetic tendency, life attitude, and life experience both the people of literati and officialdom (in feudal China) and those who feel frustrated for life.
Keywords/Search Tags:Two Yan, Images, Ci poem of gardens and parks, images, sentiments of gardens and parks, connotation and soul
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