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A Translation Project Report Of Gardens Of The Moon (Prologue And Chapter One)

Posted on:2014-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X TanFull Text:PDF
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Gardens of the Moon is one of the most well-received high fantasy novels inmodern times, and has been praised for the magnificent world within and thecomplex plots with masses of dramatic characters. The source text, extracted fromPrologue and Chapter One of the book, is a narrative centered around the sackingof the Mouse Quarter of Malaz City and the massacre taking place in Itko Kan. Itestablishes the background for the upcoming plots by revealing the characternetwork and the conflict of different powers. The source text is full of visionalcontent, presenting the boundless creativity extensively found in high fantasies, aswell as massive descriptive language with complex structures, describing aboutcharacters and scenes. Hence, Lawrence Venuti’s domestication and foreignizationstrategies are adopted in the midst of the translation. Multiple approaches oftranslation, such as division, combination, and shift of lexical meaning, are utilizedto attune the needs of target readers with a more natural rendering in the targetlanguage.
Keywords/Search Tags:high fantasy novel, Gardens of the Moon, domestication, foreignization
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