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A Study Of Intercultural Communicative Competence Of Chinese PhD Candidates

Posted on:2012-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K K ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2215330362458055Subject:Subject teaching
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With the awareness all over the world of globalization enhancing, the communication among people from different societies, cultures, and areas is becoming more and more frequent. Intercultural communication is the prominent feature of this era. Nowadays, developing students'communicative skills which can also refer to intercultural communicative competence in the context of intercultural communication is the ultimate goal in foreign language teaching. A variety of researches have been done in terms of theory and practice on intercultural communicative competence by many researchers at home and abroad. Although they have discussed the concept and the components of intercultural communicative competence; even they have brought up all kinds of models of intercultural communicative competence, still very little is known about the intercultural communicative competence of Chinese PhD candidates. This thesis intends to investigate on PhD candidates'greatest difficulties in intercultural communication, from the perspective of both students themselves and their international teachers, which helps to get more about Chinese PhD candidates'intercultural communicative competence.Based on relevant models, this thesis designed two questionnaires, one for 200 PhD candidates in Huazhong University of Science and Technology who took part in the autumn English training camp and the other for 15 international teachers who gave lessons in that English training camp.The research finds that from the perspective of students themselves, the linguistic competence is the weakest part of their intercultural communicative competence, while from the perspective of international teachers, the sociolinguistic competence is the weakest. What is interesting is that both from the perspective of students and international teachers, Chinese PhD candidates are good at using communication strategies to compensate for their weaknesses in linguistic competence. Based on the findings, pedagogical implications and suggestions for developing intercultural communicative competence are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:intercultural, communicative competence linguistic, competence, sociolinguistic, competence strategic competence, Chinese PhD candidates
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