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China Green-credit Legal System Research

Posted on:2012-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330338459461Subject:Economic Law
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Though China's economy has a rapid development in the thriving material conditions today since the reform and opening up, environmental pollution and resource depletion caused by the environmental crisis are also becoming increasingly prominent. Gradually realizing the importance of the green and sustainable development, people begin to think environmental protection has become another important task in the whole society besides economic development. As is known to us all, the nature of corporations is to seek maximum benefits, and simply to promote ethical business with respect to the natural environment is not possible, so it is necessary to use appropriate administration and environmental economic policy to guide and restrict the economic behavior of the enterprises. In this background, green credit policy is generated, and the control of credit can affect business decision making. Green credit policy simply means that banks and other financial institutions implement restrictions on loans of high pollution and high energy-consuming enterprises and projects or above market interest rates, and provide loans to enterprises and projects of energy saving environmental protection or below-market rates. Because of the factor of financial leverage, the policy in the real economy will double the impact of the expansion, guide enterprises to the road of the green production and then play to help adjust our economic development to achieve sustainable development effect.There is no doubt about the role of green credit in our country and the policy carried out in China has achieved some results, but not ideal. So the purpose of this paper is to discuss whether it is necessary or feasible to rise the green credit policy to the legal system and how to build and improve the legal system of green credit. Specifically, this paper is divided into five parts: the first section describes an overview of green credit, including the content, theoretical basis and the current situation and development in China; the second part focuses on legislating the green credit law, which discusses the necessity, the feasibility, the value the legal system of green credit pursuits and the legal basis; the third part describes the experience of foreign green credit and the enlightenment and mainly introduces a more successful implementation of the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries; the fourth part is also a key part of this article, putting forward some countermeasures comments on China's building green credit and improving the legal system. Through analysis, the conclusion is: building and perfecting the legal system of green credit is a system which needs a number of departments to take various measures to complement each other to coordinate. First, in order to improve the operability of the system, establishing a scientific and perfect green credit implementation of standards; Second, improving the green credit disclosure and communication of information sharing system to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the system; at the same time, improving government responsibilities, clearing the legal responsibility of regulators, preventing the regulators dereliction of duty and absence of the occurrence, and ensuring the smooth implementation of the green credit legal system; Finally, making green credit associated with the external security system perfect.
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