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A Study On The Protection System Of The Commodity House Consumers' Rights Of The USA

Posted on:2012-02-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent two decades, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the development of socialist market economy and deep-going of real estate system'reform, real estate industry is booming and becomes one of the pillar industries of our socialist economic development. Meanwhile, for one thing China has established a series of laws and regulations on the protection of commercial apartment consumer's rights, for another, China has put in place a series of related judicial interpretation to conduct the juridical practice. However, the phenomena of violating consumer's rights could be found everywhere in recent years. The complaints of commercial apartment consumer grow with each passing day. Why do these things take place? I think the primary cause is the imperfect of our legal system on the protection of consumer's rights which is lagging behind the rapid development of real estate market. In the process of purchasing and using commercial apartment, consumers cannot be remedied while their rights are violated. It will bring down the consumer's enthusiasm and confidence in real estate market, and then it will hamper the sound development of real estate industry.The United States is the country protecting commercial apartment consumer's rights most comprehensively and scientifically in the world. The phenomenon of violating consumer's rights in the real estate market of our country had once taken place in the United States, and their problems are the problems we are encountering. American advanced regulations and measures are formed and perfected gradually in the process of overcoming and solving the above problems. These regulations play a very important role in guaranteeing consumer's rights promote the healthy and orderly development of real estate economics powerfully. American successful experience teaches us that a scientific, effective and perfect legal system on the protection of commercial apartment consumer's rights can not only provide powerful weapons of law for consumers but also maintain normal orders of the development of real estate economics effectively and accelerate social harmony and stability. Therefore, we can feel the well-being of American citizen and excavate the flashpoint of the protection system by studying the protection system of American commercial apartment consumer's rights. It is of great significance to the protection of our country's commercial apartment consumer's rights, and there is a very important reference value for building and perfecting our protection system of consumer's rights.
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