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"Tort Liability Act " Of The Impact Of Both Doctors And Patients

Posted on:2012-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, with the deepening of reform and development of market economy, people's self-protection awareness and rising expectations of health care, the hospital faced in medical malpractice work not only become a distraction the thorny issue of the hospital, but reflects the focus of people And social focus of attention, media reports of the Aspect and the hospital management difficult. Medical disputes were constantly on the rise, medical malpractice complaint has become one of the hot complaint. This community and the Government paid a great deal of manpower, material and financial resources. Medical disputes on the attitude of hospital and medical staff behavior in different degrees. April 1, 2002 start of the "Higher People's Court on the Civil Evidence provides that" the judicial interpretation, which states:for medical tort action arising from acts, from medical institutions, medical practices and the damage there is no causal link between the results Relationship and there is no burden of proof of medical mistakes, so that lowering the threshold for medical malpractice litigation. The "Tort Liability Act, "the introduction of the done a re-allocation of the burden of proof, but also brought new physician-patient relationship influence, this article from the medical technology medical tort liability for damage liability for damage and medical ethics two aspects, of the "Tort Liability Act "of both doctors and patients in the burden of proof, fault determination, exemption clauses and other aspects of pros and cons. Finally, the new requirements for the implementation of technology management from the hospital, the hospital's soft power building, preservation of evidence and other aspects of a number of recommendations between doctors and patients hope for the patient to resolve conflicts with some new ideas.
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