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Research On The Protection Of Patients' Right To Know In Doctor-Patient Relationship

Posted on:2020-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The doctor-patient relationship in our country has always been in a tense state,and the patient's right to know is an important cause of the doctor-patient dispute in the doctor-patient relationship.The emergence of the patient's right to know is the result of the human rights movement.There is a contradiction between the increase of people's right consciousness and the dominant position of the medical side,but the protection of the patient's right to know in our country is in a very weak state.In reality,there are even hospitals that regard the patient's right to know as a formalism,not taking into account the rights of the patient,and the patient's cognition of his rights is in a state of ignorance.So when you encounter a dispute,you don't know how to defend your rights and interests.A "medical trouble" is generated.Nowadays,the patient's right to know plays a more and more important role in the disputes between doctors and patients,and people pay more and more attention to it.Therefore,it is very necessary to study and perfect it in order to reduce the occurrence of "medical disturbance".So that the hospital can improve its own efficiency,put more energy on saving the death and injury,reduce the occurrence of medical disputes,at the same time improve the judicial efficiency,avoid the waste of judicial resources.However,to ensure the normal development of medical and health institutions diagnosis and treatment work is not an easy thing,but a multi-factor,multi-sector,multi-field,is a comprehensive system engineering.There are elements of national legislation and policy,including The factors in charge of health administration include the factors of the judicial organs,the factors of the hospitals,the factors of the appraisal institutions,and the necessary theoretical support from the academic research institutions and the theoretical researchers.This article discusses the patient's right to know,discusses the general situation,origin and development of the patient's right to know,and discusses the current situation and the problems encountered in the exercise of the patient's right to know,so as to get a comprehensive understanding of the patient's right to know.Find out the existing problems of the patient's right to know in our country.Throughout the world,the phenomenon of "medical disturbance" in foreign countries is not serious in our country,through drawing lessons from the experience of other countries to improve the development of the patient's right to know in our country.Finally,the author puts forward some practical suggestions on the problems of the patient's right to know in our country.The author hopes to contribute little to the development and improvement of the patient's right to know,so as to reduce the production of medical disputes as far as possible.Students,raise the awareness of the people's rights and build a harmonious medical environment,In order to maximize the improvement of citizens' physical health quality.
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