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A Study On The Role Of Government In The Dispute Settlement Of Doctor - Patient At Present Stage In China

Posted on:2016-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330461963305Subject:Political Theory
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With the economic level improving, people’s health consciousness increasing else, the current health care system and mechanism is well constrained people’s medical needs. "To see a doctor expensive, difficult, lead to poverty" has been a severe social problem, Doctor-patient contradiction not only makes serious hurt both physically and mentally, but also disturbs national order,which becomes a miniature of the social problems, making the credibility of government falling, go against the stability of country and social governance, upgraded to a serious political problem. This article will take the doctor-patient contradiction as the research target, To dispose the role of government in the doctor-patient contradiction as the research at the center of the problem, Using the public governance theory, political science, Analysis from the perspective of political science government as the center of the social governance subject how to actively use the reform of the administrative power from the institutional mechanisms to improve the phenomenon of see a doctor expensive, difficult, " and the government how to actively guide the healthy development of medical market, to encourage and guide the private hospitals developing rapidly,to promote the fair competition, make the medical resources allocaed rational, realizse fair of medical environment, let people can enjoy high quality of medical services, em Second is how the government from policy decision to encourage leading non-governmental organizations, social organizations, mass media play its social responsibility, bodies the superiority of the medical service as a public products; providing policy advices and financial supports on the way of the doctor-patient contradiction, promoting the doctor-patient relationship in harmony; The end, how administrative department of public health to play its core appeal, encouraging people to focus on their healthy, popularizing the healthy knowledge for everyone, Let people for basic diseases prevention knowledge, have a preliminary understanding of basic medical information arrangement, If the ill treatment, can also actively cooperate with staff, On the other hand, demands medical institutions to strengthen their management, make strict rules, To strengthen the medical ethics education of medical personnel through continuous learning to improve the level of medical treatment, Reduce between doctor-patient communication barriers,more trust understanding,can relieve the doctor-patient contradiction and prompt doctor-patient relationship harmoniously.the purpose of this article presents the government is the main management on elliventing the doctor-patient contradictions,needs the coorperation of non-governmental organizations and many individuals, to common management research purpose.
Keywords/Search Tags:doctor-patient relationship, Doctor-patient contradiction, Public governance
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