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Legal Study On The Circulation Of The Right To Land Contractual Management Of Rural Collective Land In China

Posted on:2012-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Agriculture, farmer and countryside in China are the question should be the current highly political and academic focus. The problems of agriculture, farmer and countryside not only related to China's economic development and the construction of the new socialist countryside, in the long run, is related to the stability of the social development in our country. Land is the important development in human society material production material, countryside and agriculture, peasant problem of development and rational utilization of land resources in everyday life. Sustainable use of land resource is the key problem a hot, therefore, strengthening the administration of land, revitalize the urban and rural land assets, reasonable and efficient utilization of land resources, strictly protect cultivated land quality and quantity of optimization, its great significance related to the development of China's agricultural modernization intensive degree and the realization of the urbanization construction. How to realize this goal with the minimum cost, the most direct way is through the contracted land circulation, make the land resource value become alive, make every inch of the land value maximization.The total is composed of five parts. The first part of articles for quotation, through research background, significance, introduction, research literature review and the research methods and content of the carding preliminary summary, the article demonstrates that the frame of built. The second part is contracted management of rural land circulation of legal basis and practical "analysis, based on different stages contracted management of rural land domestic the change in our country's law review; Combining the present appearing in the contracted management of new features of the circulation, and points out that promote the contracted management of land conversion in my practical significance. The third part is discussed the practice contracted management of rural land circulation with the current departure from the policy goals. Based on the performance target dislocation is analyzed, and then talked about lead to practice and target vicarious reasons, such as the basic unit government positioning undeserved, land circulation interest subjects are not clear and administrative organs, Finally, this paper points out the practice of target and to the society with the development of dislocation of potential consequences, such as farmers1 old-age security problems, the land use change and development of agriculture in our country modernization and sustainable development of the negative impact of problems. Thus to promote highlights land right circulation flow, and our land resources of land resources optimization allocation importance. The fourth part perfect contracted management of rural land circulation system, the author mainly from the advice to recognize the relevant public power subject contracted management of rural land circulation control over and intervention right and establish the contracted management of rural land dispute mediation and arbitration system, standardize the contracted land circulation registration procedures, allow cultivated land through inheritance to circulation, establish the land circulation risk safeguard mechanism and establish urban migrant workers rights protection system and so on aspects of the contracted land circulation of perfect legal system are proposed. The fifth part is the epilogue. Summing up, again contracted management of rural land circulation of significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Circulation of the Right to Land Contractual Management of rural land, Sustainable utilization of land resources, Agricultural modernization, Urbanization
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