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Ningxia Southern Mountainous Land Resources For Sustainable Use

Posted on:2004-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S G CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125952074Subject:Physical geography
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Based on reviewing the study of relevant land resources, combining with developing tendency of geography and considering internal and external practice on requirement of land resources study, it is neccessary to set off the study of land resources sustainable utilization.Under demonstrating the viewpoint of land resources sustainable utilization, it mainly include three meanings: (l)Land resources can be provided for effective protection and no so far as to be damaged. (2)Supply it can meet the demands. (3) Benefit of land resources use must be increased constantly.This paper include three parts : (l)Analyse the land use current situation in Ningnan area. (2)Consider land resource's suitability evaluation and all sorts of suitable land supply conditions. (3)Combine with analysis of calculading method and discussion about future land use demands.Through analyzing , land utilization structure and style of Ningnan area are not reasonable, and must be adjusted at once, pointing out the concrete orientation, thinking and goals. That is: should not cultivate steep slope earth, decrease cultivated area, expand the proportion of woodland and carry on farming, forestry and animal husbandry' s comprehensive development.On basis of study on land resources characteristics in this area, this paper starts from achieving Land' s intensive and mass farming and compares and analyzes the land natural, social economic eviroenmental condition, its using structure, style, orientation and measurement. This paper devides this area into three sections, fifteen subsections and analyse the problem of all subsection land utilization. Then we put forward an idea about all subsection land use orientation. In addition, being designed for landutilization tecology--economy mould of typical region which are plateau gully region,hilly ravirce region and earth stone hill region.Finally, we put forward some contermeasures on how to achieve Ningnan area's land sustainable utilization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ningnan area, land sustainable utilization, land resourse evaluation, land using subarea, land erosion
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