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The Research Of The Rural Land Contractual Management Right’s Circulation

Posted on:2016-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The system of village land, the right to existence and development of the peasants, but also related to the development of industrialization and market-oriented operation of agriculture in our country. The rural land contracting right of management circulation to solve the "three rural issues" and play a decisive role, in deepening the rural, agricultural reform now, the legal basis to seriously study the problem of rural land in China and its circulation, history lessons to the development of rural land, to explore the countryside land contracting right of management circulation of our country in the future, there are the profound significance.This article from the history and the legal basis of rural land circulation problem of our country, a careful analysis of the provisions of laws and regulations and policies, revealed the presence of circulation of contractual operation right of rural land problem, then gives his own thinking about and deal with the problem of rural land. In this paper the significance of the study, based on the conclusions of the traditional understanding of the circulation in the countryside land contracting right of management, sorting through the theoretical and practical issues, in order to solve the problem of rural land in our country has provided the reference value.
Keywords/Search Tags:The right to land contractual management, Land circulation, Landtransfer legislation, The rights and interests of farmers
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