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Behalf Of Migrant Workers In China Studies

Posted on:2012-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368494256Subject:Political Theory
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The group of migrant workers, which has been formed since reform and open of China in 1978, has become an important force both for the construction of socialist harmonious society and the significant stratum for the study to the political life of our country. In recent years, the election of migrant worker representatives in each level of power department of China, especially the election of the first NPC migrant worker delegate in 2008, indicating that the democracy in China has made a large step forward, and at the same time, the maintenance of migrant workers'interests and political status also got further safeguard. However, due to the system, law, history and migrant workers themselves which exists in the restriction factor, the migrant worker representatives still face a lot of problems and difficulties, therefore, how to improve the political position and perfect the system of legal guarantee for migrant workers representative, and improve the quality of migrant worker representative in China, concerns about a series of topic of the development of democratic politics, the peasant-workers political rights and urban and rural development in China.This paper contains four major parts: the first part is the main introduction of the purpose and significance of the subject, the research status and related concepts and theories. In the second part, the election and the existing problems of migrant worker representatives are introduced. In the third part, there are the proposed solutions and the relevant countermeasures to problems that faced by the peasant worker representatives. The fourth part elaborates the significance and influence of migrant workers deputies.This paper aims to further explore the importance for migrant workers in the aspect of migrant worker representatives, and put forward its own views on the development of migrant worker representatives from the angle of politics, which has certain theoretical and practical significance for the future of democracy in China, the safeguard of the interests of peasant-workers and the construction of socialist harmonious society.
Keywords/Search Tags:migrant worker, migrant worker representatives, political right
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